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What they're saying about CENTENNIA...

Kevin Kelly's Review of CENTENNIA:

"As a kid I dreamed of maps that would move; I got what I wanted in Centennia. This colorful political map of Europe and the Mid-East redraws itself at yearly intervals from the year 1000 to present. It's a living map, an atlas with the dimension of time. I can zoom around history, pause at particular dates, or simply watch how nations melt away, or disintegrate into tiny fragements, or unite! Year by year the outlines of tribes and nations spread, retreat, and reform almost as if they were tides or infections. The resolution of detail (almost at the "county" level) is astounding; the breadth of time (ten centuries) thrilling. It rewards hours and hours of study."

-Kevin Kelly, "Cool Tools", July 2003.

Kevin Kelly is Editor-at-Large and co-founder of "Wired" magazine and one of the creators of the fascinating "Long Bets" web site. He has many other interests and activities which he has detailed at his web site.

Another recent review of CENTENNIA:
"For years I have struggled with an unwieldy and dangerous towering pile of historical atlases, often with frustrating results in my research. Centennia is a truly remarkable piece of work that provides a degree of interactive precision that no atlas does, or ever will, provide. It is a program in which one can lose oneself for hours in total fascination, beyond the general utility of research. It instantly provides clear and easily intelligible maps in full color, as well as crisp, narrative text. If only it covered the whole world... "
Professor Randall Baker, Ph.D.,
Indiana University.

Mercator's World magazine:
Using Centennia, "History suddenly becomes a dramatic and dynamic process, and you feel that you are there".

Wired magazine:
Ivan Berger calls Centennia "Time Trippin'" and says it's "something I've always dreamed of".

The German Studies Newsletter:
"one of the greatest inventions since sliced bread." OK, even we agree that that's a bit of friendly hyperbole

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